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Song 1 [ Kirameki ]

With the Japanese hope to play in Japan ... HEIANZAKURA and hope for Japan


Song 2 [ Utakata no yume ]

The festival in Japan 'MATURI "said

To release the souls of the people festival

This song is expressing the transience of the festival after


Song 3 [ Yuugiri no mori ]

The nostalgic scenery of woodlands Japanese

Sunset there is stained red mist rising


Song 4 [ Ikubakumono ]

Reincarnation, the life of those living in this world are connected by bonds long after


Song 5 [ Mebuki no toki ]

After a difficult winter, when trees are visited in the spring buds begin to blow all at once ...



Japan is also the national flower of cherry, sounds like a harp guitar is in tune


Song 7 [ Koujyouno tuki ]

Japan's leading composers, masterpieces Rentaro Taki

This song is highly recognized in international as hymns were in Belgium


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